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Hey there!  I'm Joy, and welcome to my blog!  Here are ten things you really need to know about me:
  1. I have five fun kids.  The first three were girls, and just when we started to think that was all we made and anyway we were kind of good at it, we had a boy.  I like that God keeps things interesting!  Four years ago, we had our fifth -- another girl!
  2. I have one really fantastic husband.  No, I mean, really!  You can read more about our story here.
  3. I was born in Bangladesh, and spent most of my childhood there, as well as Thailand and Malaysia, and traipsing all over the world.  By my 16th birthday, I'd been to over 25 countries.
  4. I thought I would marry and settle down in one happy place, but instead, my husband and I have lived in ten different cities in two different countries and (I think) seventeen different houses since we married.
  5. I live in South Korea right now.  Check again soon.  (We've moved twelve times in sixteen years).
  6. I'm vegetarian, and have been for over twenty-five years.  Yep, even through all five pregnancies and eight years of breastfeeding.
  7. I like: traveling and have an especially soft spot for roadtrips; writing; eating curry and putting Sriracha sauce on everything; good books and talking about them; dinners that involve good food real conversations and no smart phones.
  8. I don't like people who take things that aren't theirs and misuse trust.  Please respect that in terms of this blog.
  9. I stress out when I try to think of neat boxes to categorize myself in.  Hence the name of this blog.
  10. I really love my family.  Lots.
Thanks for reading!  I hope you stick around! Oh, and one more thing: I love comments (respectful ones, please-and-thank-you.)


  1. Hi Joy! I just discovered your blog via the 31 day group. And I love what I've read so far! Just wanted to say hello + introduce myself! :)

    1. Yay!! So glad to "meet" you!! :-) Thanks for the kind words!!


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