Friday, April 20, 2018

Watching, Reading, Wearing, Eating

It’s been a crazy week with kids coughing all night and therefore not much sleep, plus entertaining them when they are just sick enough to stay home, so I haven’t written as much as I would have liked.  So I thought this was the perfect time to share a bullet point post about a lot of random things in order to catch you up on what I’m loving. As I was writing it, I decided to turn it into a more structured post series that I plan to do once a month (also, this way there will be at least one post a month!  Haha!), because there is a lot of good out there! Let’s talk about good stufff more, right?




Watching: given that I have a gaggle of children, it should come as no surprise that we watch a lot of kids’ movies. The movie lines we quote the most are from kids’ movies. So the two most recent movies I’ve watched are Ferdinand and Paddington 2. Both were such a sweet stories. Ferdinand, based on the book, is about a very large bull living in Spain who has the heart of a lamb — and doesn’t want to be a fighting bull. It was funny and had a good point, and having lived in Spain for three years, I loved seeing the scenery (animated, but still very familiar!).  The soundtrack is also enjoyable and kid-friendly.



I was kind of surprised by how much I enjoyed Paddington 2.  I don’t remember loving the first one as much, but this was everything a kids’ movie should be, plus seeing Hugh Grant play a villain was very fun.


Also, less talked about and not a kids’ movie, The Man Who Invented Christmas. Matt took me to see this a few months ago even though I was kind of, “Ummm... I don’t know...” and I ended up really enjoying it!  I wish I could write fiction the way Charles Dickens did! For now, though, it seems like God has given me enough craziness to fill a few non-fiction books. But anyway, it’s available for rent or purchase at home now, and I highly recommend this movie!


Reading: my reading for the year got off to kind of a slower start than I’d hoped, but then I saw a blog post (that I can’t find now) recommending The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Why didn’t I read this book sooner?! I absolutely loved it!!  It was funny and poignant, an historical fiction piece about World War II and just after, which I love reading about because the tenacity and ingenuity of people who lived through it always inspires me. I just read that it’s a soon-to-be-released movie, and I’m not sure how I feel about that… It feels like one of those things that shouldn’t be done.


After that, my reading picked up, and I’ve already completed eight books and read-aloud six(-and-a-half) to my younger kids, so I’m feeling confident about one of the goals I set for the year.  I started a few books that I didn’t finish, but I do not feel bad about that after reading this post Modern Mrs. Darcy. And I have not forgotten about my "expat experience” project and have a couple upcoming posts to that end.  I’ve read some fantastic books recently that I canNOT WAIT to tell you more about!  There’s just a lot of reading to do for it, and then deciding which books to talk about per post.  


But on that note, may I recommend Jon Acuff’s Finish?  This was a sort of “self-help” book, but even if you’re one of those people who has all your stuff together and you finish every goal you set, there’s something in it for you.  Acuff is so funny and honest and the advice so good, I’m sure everyone could benefit from reading it.



Wearing: most notably, I’m NOT wearing everything I talked about in this post. Winter is finally, maybe, gone. *all fingers and toes crossed*  I know we haven’t gotten snowstorms this week like some in the States (though much of Korea still got snow in March), but when you have winds that blow down from Siberia all winter… trust me, you’re very glad to see it go. I’ve worn jeans that actually showed a little of my ankle with the sneakers I wore (rather than the tights and boots I’d been wearing them with). Can you believe it?!

Also, speaking of these jeans.... Funny story, I ordered these from Old Navy a year ago, and I just wasn’t completely sure I loved them. So I asked Matt to send them back for me (*insert long, convoluted story about the sad state of affairs that is our mail system here*). Anyway. Last fall, I was complaining to Matt about how we apparently couldn’t even return things by mail here because I’d never been refunded, when he got a sheepish look on his face and said, “Oh.... ummm... that might have something to do with me.” Apparently he forgot to ever stick them in the mail! So they were way past the return period. I decided to try them again since the only other thing would be to donate, and I realized it was true love. They are “eco-friendly” made out of partially recycled materials and while I wasn’t sure about them because they have a lot of stretch and I can pull them off without undoing them even though they technically “fit”. But that made them great for layering this winter! And with a belt, it’s not a problem. 

They pass my test of being able to run after kids and sit crisscross-applesauce with flying colors, plus are super comfortable and the perfect shade. I could write a whole post on the perfect color of jeans, but long story short, I’ve realized that both light and very dark washes on jeans are problematic. Medium like these are ideal.


Eating: okay, let’s talk sloppy joes: do you love them or do they conjure up images of smelly school cafeterias and “mystery meat”? I wasn’t sure how I felt, but I kept seeing this recipe from Minimalist Baker using lentils instead of meat pop up on my Pinterest suggestions. I finally decided to try, despite some misgivings voiced (loudly) by my husband. And guess what? We all loved it!  I’ve had to double the recipe so that there are leftovers (yes, sometimes I love leftovers!) They are super flavorful and healthy; I highly recommend!!




So, your turn now!  Please share what you are watching, reading, wearing, and eating — basically, anything you’re loving right now!


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