Thursday, December 31, 2015

Party On, Dudes!

Well, it's been too long a break between posts again, but let me tell you something. 'Tis the season for a whole lot of celebrating!

  • First, Lilly kicked off the month by turning eight. Eight! (Where does the time go???) We celebrated as a family on her actual birthday: chocolate chip waffles for breakfast, going to see the Peanuts movie, and then in the afternoon, Jayna took us sailing.

    It was so amazingly beautiful, and pretty much the perfect temperature with just the right amount of wind. It was a great way to celebrate.  
  • That night we got Thai food, and Lilly asked for her "very own order of noodles because Wyatt takes all the noodles and just leaves the broccoli and egg." (Pad see ew).  Now, I know this sounds really sad, and it kind of is.  You could say this is what happens when you have a bunch of kids or when you're the very middle of five.  But no, trust me.  This is just what happens when you want the same thing as Wyatt.  Anyway, I'm happy to report that she got exactly what she wanted, plus spring rolls.  

  • The next day, we had her party.  After some crazy big extravaganzas when Jayna was little, we've learned to keep things small.  We tried to keep the number of guests to the same as her age, but I fudged it a little since some of the guests were sisters, and we invited eleven kids.  But only eight were able to come, so it worked out!  She had a "not-quite-slumber-party" where everyone wore pajamas, had pillowcase races, and then, because it got dark by six, played some fun games with glow-in-the-dark rings and balloons and glow sticks, and everyone when home at eight, so we still got a good night's sleep.  Win-win, right?
  • A couple weeks later, I threw a Christmas party for Jayna, Skyler, and some of their friends.  We played some games and decorated cookies, turned up the air conditioning, and made a giant pot of hot chocolate.  It was really fun.  I think that sometimes, when I remember my own teenage years, I get freaked out by the thought of having .  But that night was a reminder that they are (usually) good people just going through some of the craziest years of their lives, and they need safe places to have fun and be themselves.   

  • Also worth celebrating, I finally got a picture of all five of my babies' faces in one frame.  The reason I didn't have one yet is complicated and so crazy that if I told you, you probably wouldn't believe me.  All I can say is that it makes me really sad, and getting this felt like a step in the right direction.  Even though we just set up the tripod out front and took it with the timer, and I'd barely even brushed my hair because I only about 15 minutes in which to try for this. It's not really everything I'd hoped for, but it has all my babies in it, and I am so very thankful.
           This is probably more of an accurate portrayal of us, though.

  • Speaking of photos, while I was using my "fancy" camera, I also took these.  I kind of love them.

  • Christmas was wonderful!  

    It was just a nice, quiet family day.  

    I'm also happy to report that I got some of what I'd asked Santa for in this post. ;-)  We took a little drive on the Kalananiole Highway, and stopped at a beach right at sunset.

     It was so beautiful!

  • Unfortunately, that night started a giant puke party.  Wyatt had been sick a week before.  Since he's so generous with germs, we were almost positive we'd get sick then, too.  But nope.  It wasn't until Christmas night Annalee started throwing up.  We've had a few stomach bugs, but I don't think I've ever seen one of my babies throw up that often.  It was nightmarish.  In the morning I started texting my mom and mother-in-law (a nurse), asking what they thought I should do.  She'd gotten to where she was completely limp and listless in my arms, and I couldn't even get her to breastfeed.  Her lips were yellow from bile.  I called the nurse advice line for our insurance because I knew the doctor's office was closed, and was told to go to an urgent care clinic about half an hour away.  Of course, everyone and their best friends were there, so it was two hours of waiting before we were seen.  And just before the doctor walked in, Annalee started nursing again.  So the doctor said to just let her nurse a couple minutes, then wait in the exam room to see if she held it down.  He said they weren't great at peds' IV's  there, and the best thing would be for her to hydrate orally.  She kept it down for thirty minutes, so the doctor let us go, and we were all hopeful.  But I got home... and it all came up.  I called the doctor back, and he said to go straight to the ER.  

    He even called the admitting doctor there, so I only had to wait ten minutes.  It took about seven hours to get her hydrated and keeping fluids down,

    but we were finally released late that night.  And then... Sunday afternoon, Lilly, Skyler, and Matt got sick... and Sunday night, Jayna and I came down with it too.  So.  Not.  Fun.  The good news is, we are all healthy again -- just in time for the new year!  And for the first time ever, I'm wishing I'd eaten more Christmas cookies!
So here we are, just hours from ringing in the new year!!  It's been a wild month -- and a pretty amazing year.  There were definitely some lows, but also plenty of really wonderful moments -- some of the best in my life!

I have more posts planned soon (I know almost no one will be reading this tonight, but I thought I'd still post it now), but I hope you have all had a wonderful December, and that 2016 brings all the best things! :-)

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