Thursday, August 20, 2015

This and That

Well, it's come to that point where there are just a lot of little things to say, none quite worthy of an entire post but things I wanted to say.  So random bullet-point post it is!

-- Several people have asked about the pronunciation of Annalee.  Or just not pronounced it the way we want.  That's okay, we knew when we named her that this was a possibility, and the other top-contender name would have been pronounced wrong half the time too.  BUT, for the record, here is our official pronunciation.  Ready?  


Emphasis on the Anna part, and Anna as is in the old, pre-Frozen way.  Rhymes (mostly) with "family" and, sort of, Emily.  In fact, when I say it, that's what most people think they heard.  It might have helped if I'd spelled it Annalie... Who knows?  But since I already explained our spelling choice in her birth story... oh well.  We still might call her Annie for short, as I talked about -- Jayna and Skyler sometimes do.  But I like this best for now.

-- Annalee finally got her two-month well-baby check-up last week!  It had been delayed due to a long and rather ugly/ sweaty story involving my malfunctioning AC, and technicians showing up saying they couldn't fix it when I'd cancelled her original appointment... Grrrr... but she is doing great! She weighed 13.6 pounds.  I can't find the paper that said her height, nor can I remember it, but she is in the 92nd percentile for weight and 86th for height!

Coincidentally or not... I'm starved!! 

-- We started back to homeschool this week! I kind of just decided all of a sudden that I was going to do it and jumped in before I could talk myself out of it.  I had planned to start last week, but only half our books were here.  Sunday night/ Monday morning, they still weren't here, but I realized we had enough to at least get started.  So I did, and then our books showed up!  It was kind of a Field of Dreams thing: "If you build it, they will come." = "If you start school, the books will come."

-- Not gonna lie, it's been pretty tiring.  It's not that the homeschool part is that different, but I'm trying to be totally ready for my day when I start so I can just nurse Annalee as I do lessons.  She usually sleeps till about eight, but most of this week, she was up before seven.  So there went my lofty goals.

Also, I have this story from last year (when there were only four), that illustrates well, I think, what my days are like.  Skyler was at the piano, which always means my dog Milo started "singing."  Trust me, it isn't pretty.  People who have never heard it before think it's funny the first time.  The second time, they might tell him to be quiet.  By the third time, they are all but cursing him.

Anyway, so Skyler was at the piano, Milo was singing, and I was going brough the History lesson with Lilly, spelling "Egyptian" for her.  I don't remember what Wyatt was up to, which is probably good.  Jayna came up while I was doing this, and asked me a question to which I replied, "Okay!" and went back to Lilly.  I looked down and saw "Egypoktian" on her paper.

"Why did you spell it that way?" I asked. 

"You said E-G-Y-P-O-K-T-I-A-N." 

"No, I didn't!... Oh... Wait.  I did."

I know this means we should have a talking stick or something and be better about not interrupting, but as imperfect as the system is, it's working.  The other day, Lilly was mad at Jayna, and she wrote a note that said, "Jayna stop being mean!" And I had a super proud moment because everything on it was spelled right! (Yes, a comma was missing, but still... big, BIG win!)

--Last but not least, I want to ask a couple questions of you lovely readers.  I know only a tiny percent of you comment on the blog, more of you on FB, but hey, I will ask anyway.  
1) Do you follow the blog using a subscription to email or a blog reader such as Feedly or Bloglovin, or do you just click on it when it shows up in your Facebook feed?  (No judging, just trying to figure out what works and what doesn't!)
2) Are you scared off of commenting here on the blog by Disqus/ one more thing to log into?  I use it (though it hasn't worked perfectly lately) to try to prevent spam comments.  So similarly, do the words "Your comment will be published after approval" put you off of commenting?

I ask these things because I really do want this to be a user-friendly blog.  During my month-long break, I thought about my goals here and honestly, one of them is to talk with you about the things I'm writing, to have a conversation.  If there is anything you'd like to recommend, I would love to hear (read?) it.  If there's anything you particularly like, I'd be tickled if you shared it.

Anyway, that's it for now, but more is coming soon!  Take care, friends!


  1. Hmmm... Let's see if this comment comes up..

  2. Ok! I usually see your blog first on FB. I am friends with you and have liked your page (and almost everything else you have ever posted;) - I swear I'm not a stalker!). But I do usually read your blog on Feedly where I subscribed to it.

    1. Lol! Suuuure, you're not a creepy stalker! ;-). Thanks for being a good friend and supporting this endeavor! I have found that I have to open blogs in whatever browser I'm using (Safari or Chrome, depending on device) to b able to comment easily. It doesn't work as well from Feedly or Bloglovin. It's really annoying, isn't it?

    2. Yeah, it is. And I have to check back to the blog to see a reply! I love seeing Wyatt become a big brother. I feel like we are going through similar things right now!!

    3. Thanks, Bethany! Wish we were closer still! :-)

  3. In order to comment on here from Feedly I have to go to webpage, and be logged into google (which I never use), and the comment box doesn't really let me edit/delete very well, do sometimes I just give up! But I do always read.

  4. I just read when I see FB posts! (I am not a good blog follower, I have good intentions, but….)

    1. Thanks, Susan! I totally understand! :-)


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