Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Welcome, Annalee!

Well, she's here!  Annalee Mirabel was born a week ago!

 She weighed in at 8 lb's 12 oz's, most of which was in her cheeks.
 And she has quite effectively managed to steal our hearts, even with her eyes closed.
 I'm working on writing up the story of her birth while it's all still fresh, but I'm also spending a whole lot of time just staring at her.  With an almost-sixteen-year-old daughter as well, I know how fast it all goes.  It kind of takes your breath away.

So does this face.  Right??
We are so incredibly grateful to God for another amazing gift!!! 


  1. Wow! Your oldest is almost 16!!?? Time flies! I love this precious one's first and middle name!!

  2. Thank you! :-)

  3. Just beautiful !! Well done. Such an amazingly special time.

  4. Thanks so much! It is a very special time. I've been busy soaking it up! :-)


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