Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pinterest and a Plea

Looming large! Hurrying to finish school before baby arrives!

Soooooo... Let me tell you about my last couple weeks.  I woke up a week ago last Saturday at 5 a.m. (which is just wrong on so many levels) startled to realize I was 34 weeks pregnant.  And that in three weeks I could go into labor and no one would try to stop it.  And I had a whole lot to do in that amount of time.

On Monday (last week), I had written a really long to-do list, even though I usually have a good idea of what I have to do, but I thought maybe trying to pretend that I'm Type A would help me get things done more efficiently.  Then I woke up having a bad pain in my very low abdomen/ hip which I was almost sure was just ligament pain, but I still called the midwife to check.  She agreed but asked if it was happening rhythmically.  It wasn't, and eventually it went away, but because she asked, I started to notice that I was having really regular contractions -- probably BraxtonHicks, but 3 minutes apart all day.  When I do go into labor, my contractions are usually 2 minutes apart (that's how I know) and more intense and painful, but it still kind of scared me that they were so perfectly spaced.  So that evening I called the midwife back, and she suggested I come in and get hooked up to the monitors for a little while.  "A little while" turned into 3 hours because everyone agreed it was suspicious that they were so regular, but it turned out nothing was coming from them so I was allowed to go home and resume normal activities. 

Anyway, since then, I've been trying to finish school with my kids, including end-of-year testing which is required by the state.  We aren't there yet, but hopefully we will be by the end of next week when I hit the 37-week mark.  Or closer anyway.  

But everyone has been telling me to go easy -- or easier -- and I'm trying to do that... a little.  

I kind of have food on the brain, though.  This past weekend, I watched a very fun French movie called Le Chef.  Another one I liked was The Hundred Foot Journey, but this one is actually all in French.  It was perfect because Jayna has been taking French this year, and since it was about food, there were lots of words she could understand.  And if you have the Netflix membership where you can watch on demand, you can see it for "free." 

And speaking of food (and another Francophile), my friend has started a wonderful food blog called Home 'n' Thyme.  You really need to check it out.  We've been friends since I lived in Spain.  We used to walk together every morning, and she would tell me about the amazing meal she made the night before. She is one of those people you want to invite to a potluck because what she brings will be a-MAAAYYY-zing. So now you have a chance to cook like she does.  

And this brings me to the last point of business for this post.  Pinterest.  Basically, if you haven't seen it yet, let me give you a brief tour.  (You can link to it from the follow button in the right margin.)  There is the board "Good to eat" which is for vegetarian or vegan main course recipes.  Then there is "Mama's Hungry" which is for vegetarian and vegan appetizers or side dishes.  "For my sweet tooth" should be pretty obvious.  But I also recently added two boards.  One is called "Simply Living" and is for my quest towards a simpler, more minimalist and focused life.  And the one I am specifically asking for help with right now is "Mama Needs This."  It is for all things pregnancy and postpartum.  

Since I'm almost done with the pregnancy part, I'm looking at the postpartum side a little more now.  What I need your help with is easy and delicious recipes that can be made ahead and frozen.  I know, that probably sounds simple enough, so let me throw in one big catch.  I need recipes that do not have marinara sauce or other tomato sauce in them.  For some reason, when I'm nursing, if I eat these things, it turns my milk into acid, and my babies get horrible diaper rash.  I don't know if you can even call it a simple diaper rash.  The second they use their diapers, there are patches of raw skin.  It is awful to see, as a mom.  

So what I'm looking for are soups, stews, and pasta dishes -- and other main course meals -- that I can make without any tomato sauce.  If I remember correctly, I can have fresh tomatoes, it's just tomato sauces that cause problems.  And besides that, our family doesn't have any allergies (we just don't eat meat) (though I have been very occasionally having fish, like salmon or tilapia). 

Will you help me?  Please?  Help me find great recipes or other things to know?  If you're not on Pinterest, you can comment below (don't be scared of Disqus -- it's a great way to be in touch with your favorite bloggers or people commenting on them!  I love it!) with the recipe or even put it on my Facebook page.  Thanks so much, friends!  Until next time (which hopefully won't be so long this time)... :-)

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