Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Miscellany: Lately

Well, once again it's been too long.  I actually have lots of posts I'm working on, but not much time to do them.  Which I will explain later as to why, along with a desperate plea, so please do read to the end.

So here it is, what we've been up to lately:

-- A bit of lovely, like swinging on rope swings and climbing trees (not me).

-- Getting big and bigger. I'm thirty-one weeks pregnant now, and this was taken at 30 weeks.

(yes, I think that's Matt's finger at the top.)  And I'm positive I grew just last night.  I've never gotten stretch marks in all my pregnancies, but this might be the one.  If you have any prevention ideas, please let me know.

-- Getting a little older.

 Last week was my husband's birthday.  We went to one of our favorite beaches on the island, where you can rent cabins or "condos" for a very reasonable price.  It's only about a forty-five minute drive from here, but it always feels like a totally different place, so we we're all excited about it.  It was fun and relaxing, as we had hoped except for a few minor details.  

First, there was a tankless water heater that made an appallingly loud clanking sound every time we turned the water on and off.  Not just hot water, any water.  It sounded like a small explosion and left us feeling a little twitchy because six people turn water on and off a lot in a couple days.  Second, we found a centipede under the couch our first morning there.

They make you sign a waiver that says you understand there are "insects" but after that, no one wanted to sleep in the living room.  So it was a bit uncomfortable.

And this will probably make you laugh, but it was gray, windy, and just about the coldest day we've had there. Yes, by that I mean about 70 degrees.  But I'm telling you the truth when I say that is freezing here.  There are real world temps, and then there are Hawaii temps.  So instead we flew kites and played mini golf and lazed around.  We did walk on the beach, but didn't get in the water.

Yes, we might be spoiled.  

Anyway, Matt's cake.  He wanted "an apple upside-down cake with banana pudding filling." I went, Huh? Such a thing does not really exist anywhere.  What I came up with was a spice cake mix with crushed pecans and apple pie filling, made banana pudding to put on top, and then mixed a regular can of icing with some cinnamon.  It was so good!  My husband is apparently a culinary genius, at least as far as ideas go!

-- We also went to the Dole Plantation to ride the "train" yesterday afternoon.  

Wyatt LOVED it.  To the point that he was not at all happy about leaving, and he let us know just how unhappy he was...all the way home.  

It is a fun place for tourist-watching.  The guy sitting in front of us took pictures of literally everything.  

My family accuses me of taking too many pictures.  Oh my friends, their perspectives changed entirely yesterday.  It was off the hook.  I am trying to imagine the circumstances under which anyone would ever want to look at all these pictures of banana trees and pineapple plants again.............. Nope, I've got nothing.  

Here are the pictures that I took, though, that I think are actually pretty cute and funny to look at.  I know, I'm a little biased.

Am I a bad mom?

 Wyatt's face says it all, I'm afraid.

-- Last of all, I've been spending lots of time in the horrible traffic here.  On Saturday I went to drop off one of my kids at something that is only about 3 miles away.  It took me an hour and a half to make the round trip. Most days I drive ten minutes one way, and it takes 45 minutes to an hour (or more) to get home.  Usually I have most of or all the other kids with me.  I don't know how it will work when I have a newborn.  I feel like Westley in that scene in The Princess Bride when the six-fingered man uses The Machine to take a hundred years off his life.

So here is my request.  Please, please comment with what you do in the car if/ when you have a long, torturous commute.  Ideas would be podcasts that you like (and are 100% kid-appropriate) or interesting sermons or language learning programs (bearing in mind that my ten-year-old car CD player sometimes scratches CD's as they're playing).  I need ideas.  I need to be able too get in the car and say, "Hooray!  Now I get to ___________!"  (Here's where you fill in the blank with something wonderful.)  I would really love if you had an idea for how to blog in the car (without touching the phone -- $297 fine).  I know some people use voice notes for their blogs, I'm just not sure how that would turn out.  Probably I would have to erase a bunch of comments about the other drivers and such when I got home.  But anyway... If you do that, could you please let me know what you use? 

So that is what we've been up to!  I actually managed to crank this out pretty quickly, so maybe there is hope for getting more blogging done this week!  Until then, be well!


  1. Well you did well for a quick post. We have some favourite "feels like we are holiday" places just minutes down the road from us too - always great for a quick escape. No centipedes though just the occasional red back spider to steer clear of. I don't envy your traffic issues - that must be really hard especially with children along for the ride. My suggestions which may or may not be at all helpful are : podcasts - my very very favourites are the Hopologie podcasts by Emily P Freeman and Myquillyn Smith - you prob know about those - sooo good, audio books might be an option or a portable DVD player for the children - there are the lap top kind and those you can strap to the back of the head rest - sorry nothing earth shatteringly innovative but hope it helps. God Bless

  2. Oooh, yes, those are great ones!

    I think we might actually have a portable CD player somewhere, now that I think of it. I guess I default to my phone or iPad for listening these days, so I don't think much about that option. I will have to see if it still works! Thanks!


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