Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Miscellany/ What I Learned This Month

Wow, what a "weekend"!  What a week!  What a month!

I didn't post at all on the blog last week, but I think I actually spent more time working on it than ever.  In spite of being super busy with school and extra-curricular activities, Jayna changed my design, which, I don't know about you but I think it looks awesome!  Unfortunately, it meant changing the template, which meant that all my AddThis buttons disappeared.  I thought it would be no problem to reinstall them, but now, many hours later, all I have are the follow buttons on the side of the blog that do not look pro, but they're the best I can do.  For now...

Also, the reason for all the work on my blog is that... I decided to do 31 Days challenge! I'm super duper excited about the topic.  I'll get to that in a minute, though...

Let me first tell you about my weekend.  Usually, on Saturday mornings, we head to Bellows, one of our favorite beaches on the island.  But two days ago, we woke up to rain, and anyway, we had some things we wanted/ needed to do, so we skipped the beach.  There was an air show going on, and we thought maybe we would hit that later in the day, and Matt and I were going on a date in the evening to see The Hundred-Foot Journey.

So I made pancakes, Matt headed out with Lilly to do errands, Jayna and Skyler were doing school work, and I sat Wyatt in front of Mighty Machines, one of his favorite shows EVER, while I did some random cleaning and sorting. One second he was calmly watching TV, the next the couch cushions were in serious disarray, and he was saying, "My face hurt!  My face hurt!"  I'm still not sure whether it was somersault practice or jumping like I've seen lots of, but his chin was split open in a way that band-aids can't fix.  So I packed a little bag with books and favorite toys (but no snacks!  NO SNACKS!!! *kicks self*) and off we went to the ER.  

After waiting two hours, we finally got a bed and a PA came in, took one quick look and said, yep, stitches.  But Wyatt proved that the force was strong with him, and one more quick look before they decided they would definitely need to sedate him.  (Hello, meet my son.)

Anyway, I'll try to keep what was a frightfully long day short here, but they couldn't sedate him right away because of how recently he had eaten, so it was initially scheduled for 3:30/ 4.  Then it got pushed to 5... then 6... because the Pediatric Sedation Room was being used.  I tried to remember that those kids needed it more than Wyatt, but when you're dehydrated, starving, cold because the thermostat was set to Polar Vortex, and have no phone battery left to let Matt know how long it would be.  Not to mention my hungry/ tired/ cantankerous toddler I was trying to keep calm.  

And then the PA that replaced the first was very patronizing, which is one of my top pet peeves, so it took pretty much every ounce of my self-control not to lie down on the floor and cry.  Then a guy was put in the bed next to us and he had apparently nearly cut off his finger while working on his motorcycle, and hearing everyone taking about it plus sound effects, and my vivid imagination filled in for what I couldn't see, and everything combined made me very nearly about to faint.

I think we finally got into the sedation room at 7, Matt came with phone charger in hand (hooray!!) (since one of my last texts was about the battery almost being out), but Wyatt didn't come out of sedation a quickly as Skyler had when the same thing happened at about the same age.  He was really sleepy and loopy and kept throwing up when we tried to give him liquids, which they don't like to see, so we ended up staying there for three hours.  So I was gone a total of 12 hours for five stitches.  Bye-bye, Saturday.

Here's my little Wy-ldman.
He often sleeps with his eyes like this, even when not sedated.  It's a little creepy...  Matt says he is keeping an eye on things, making sure he doesn't miss out on anything.

BUT, all this to say, it's the perfect intro to my theme for 31 Days of Blogging!!! I'm going to write... Drumroll please... 31 Days of Surprise Endings.

What I learned in September is that life never stops surprising you.  And I was reminded that sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's embarrassing, and sometimes... It's hilarious.  And a lot of the stories of what I've learned will be on the blog in the month of October!  I can't wait to share this with you!

I learned you should never say to yourself, You know, it's true that homeschooling gets easier the more you do it! because you will inevitably then have a day where every single one of you cries, and a couple of you might even throw ugly tantrums (yourself included).

I also learned (when I finally got to the movies yesterday afternoon) that they are, in fact, still making (a few) good movies.  Not only was The Hundred-Foot Journey fantastic and truly delightful, I saw at least three previews for films I want to see in the coming months.  There is hope for humanity after all!!!

I learned that you should never consider a lesson learned because life changes just a little and then, like the tiniest turn in a kaleidoscope changes the picture entirely, you're re-learning the lesson like you had never encountered it before.

Anyway, I'm so excited about October!  I hope you're following along using one of my rather sad follow buttons so we can talk about it! :-)


  1. Woot! Woot! I'm joining in on the 31 days writing challenge too!!! Good luck!

  2. Thanks! You too!

  3. Oh man I feel your pain with ER never ever goes as planned! I love the Hundred Foot Journey too.


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