Friday, September 19, 2014

Five-Minute Friday: Hold

{This is something new I'm trying!  I wantto make it a practice to write more.  I need so much encouragement, though!  Sometimes I don't blog because I feel like I don't have time.  I just found out about Five-Minute Fridays today, and thought, Hey, I could do that.  I could write for five minutes!

Every week there is a prompt word, and today's is "Hold."

He's only two (well, almost three), but his little head across my faces pressing against my nose, almost smothers me.  This is what I'm thinking as I lie there in my bed, awake this morning as the light starts it's crescendo through the blinds.  My left arm is tucked under him, and I know that if I move he will wake up.  And if he wakes up now?  This early?   Well, anything I would call "success" for the day might very well be in peril.

I think of the Mary Cassatt paintings I wrote papers on in college.  The child so large and awkwardly perched on the women's laps so as to almost take them over.  This has been my weeks lately, feeling almost taken over by the needs of my children -- loving them infinitely, but sometimes frustrated by what I'm not "accomplishing".
Image: here
Image: here

And yet, there's nowhere else I'd rather be than almost smothered by that head, held by that little hand holding mine as it lies on my rising and falling chest.  I haven't nursed him in well over a year, but as he sleeps, I feel that familiar movement of his jaw, like he's dreaming of nursing again.  And I think, could there be anything sweeter?  

If this is mutiny, if this is the over taking, let it be so.
Image: here
{P.S. I seriously love Mary Cassatt.}


  1. I'm constantly feeling like this! Isaac has taken to pushing me into the couch and climbing into my lap (or at least as near it as possible). It's like he knows that this time is short and we have to be close now.

    1. This is such a sweet time for you guys!! He will be a great big brother!! Miss you, friend!


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